Beezy J. Genius
Beezy J
Season 2
Production code 202a
Broadcast number 2
Written by Alex Galatis
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 6, 2010
Teletoon (English) Premiere September 16, 2010
Télétoon (French) Premiere September 16, 2010
Paired with
My Best Friend's a Weavil

Summary Edit

When Heloise builds a machine to make herself more intelligent, Beezy accidentally becomes smarter instead.


Beezy and Jimmy test Heloise with a really tough question: "If chewing gum is so sticky, why doesn't it stick inside your mouth when your chewing it?" This happens to be the only question she can't answer, so in order to figure it out, she creates "The Braniac Booster". The machine sends tons of lightning bolts into the sky, and one hits Beezy. When he makes contact with it, he becomes super smart. Jimmy takes credit for making him smart, and the two go into town to show off Beezy's new intelligence. Heloise becomes jealous over how intelligent Beezy now is, and when Jimmy and Lucius are annoyed by it, the three of them team up to get Beezy back to his original state. Heloise tries to reverse the affect but it only works if Beezy looked at the sky, Lucius tells them to get Beezy to look and if it doesn't work then they have to destroy Bezzy. Jimmy tries to get Bezzy to look but none of them worked so Jimmy used a science answer which causes Beezy to look making him dumb again



  • Lucius was almost frozen by Beezy after he was hit by Heloise's Braniac Booster.
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