Heloise invents a bad luck accelerator to which everyone calls a man-hole for some reason. It is designed to bring bad luck to the person it's near. Jimmy accidentally swallows it so where ever he looks bad luck happens he tries to bring it out but it's to far so Lucious desides to use him for his advantage. Lucious puts on a tv show saying that anyone that dissappoints him will face the wrath of Jimmy. At Doctor Scientist's house he (dress as a lady, if that is him) watches Lucious play and a couple of rocks. He ironically sponcers the rocks. Lucious overhears this and brings a tank over with Jimmy at the end his phone tangles him and they roll away but on the way they overhear Samy talking about how a big jerk Lucious is. Lucious hunts him but on the way the tank gets in lava and burns down furious Lucious blames Heloise and orders Jimmy to zap her but instead of Heloise taking the luck Lucious does and gets smashed with his own statue. Lucious says that Jimmy is to dangerous and banishes him out of Miseryvile. Beezy who got caught with bad luck desides to back him up but is caught with another bad luck sign. He then just tries to make his own luck and says hi to a bird but Jimmy sends another Bad luck signal making the whole forest (and the city) explode. Lucious desides to destroy Jimmy since the bad luck is making him even more dangerous. A hurt Jimmy sees the mob and makes a run for it but sees Beezy again and tries to protect him but Saffi calls and invites him to see a movie forgetting about Jimmy. Jimmy desides to run away and enconcers a wizard who makes him go to the top of a mountian. But learns that the wizard made him do that for fun and punches him in the stomic making the bad luck accelerator come out. It hits the Mountian making bad things happen to the mob.


  • This is the first time Jimmy gets banished from Miseryvile
  • Saffi is mentioned in this episode
  • Why didn't Lucious banish Jimmy before this probaly because he wants to make him miserable
  • 1st time Lucious loses money trying to pay off a tank second time will happen at Snowrilla
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