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Baby Blamo
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Monster
Age 0 - 1
Family Molotov (Dad), Mrs. Molotov (Mom), Tori (Brother)
Occupation Curious baby learning to explore the world
Residence Miseryville
Interests toys, pukes, fun, music, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, Spies in Disguise, slurping, pigging out, bothering Tory,
Production Information
First Appearance Baby Boom
Voiced by Frank Welker

Baby Blamo is a recurring background character in the show. She tends to blast puke randomly, as observed by Heloise. She is the young infant daughter of General Molotov and baby sister of Tori.


  • In Night At The Heinous Museum she appears in a kindergarten play even though she's still a baby.
  • She's one of the two babies commonly appearing in the show.
  • shes first Appearance is baby boom but in ghost smackers shes wearing in diaper, when she turns the handle of the box from there scared up the ghost withoars and blamo frightenedr and pooped her diaper, but on nexts episodes she haven't wearing diaper

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