Air Force None
Air Force None
Season 2
Production code 203a
Broadcast number 3
Written by Alex Galatis
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere November 13, 2010
Teletoon (English) Premiere September 23, 2010
Télétoon (French) Premiere September 23, 2010
Paired with


Lucius takes to the skies when Heloise builds him a private jet. Unfortunately for him, Jimmy wants to fly too!



  • Lucius kissed Heloise after she saved them from Jimmy's flying.
  • Jimmy has a Pilot's License.
  • Jimmy says that flying is his number one dream but in "Rocket Jimmy" his dream was to go to space.
    • This means flying in both rocket and plane are his number one dream.
  • Heloise has her first mermaid appearance.
  • Jimmy can apparently fly using his propeller beanie.


  • Lucius tells Jimmy to take off his pilot hat, when he does he is shown wearing a propeller beanie but in the next scene Jimmy has his pilot hat back on again. Then when he's looking at the tiny plane the pilot hat is off again.


  • Jimmy
  • Heloise
  • Beezy
  • Lucius
  • Samy
  • Molotov
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