Jimmy Two Shoes
A Cold Day in Miseryville
A Cold Day In Miseryville.png
Season 1
Production code 108a
Broadcast number 4
Written by Kenn Scott
Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere March 7, 2009
Paired with
Mount Misery


When Jimmy tells Heloise about the magic of snow, she seizes on the opportunity to infuriate Lucius by turning Miseryville into a winter wonderland. But Lucius gets his way after all when Samy hijacks her Snow-Burator 901 and ensures that everyone gets a season knee-deep in runny noses.


Jimmy and Beezy race down the side of Misery Inc. in their bathtub-sled. Crashing into the ground as they miss the target Heloise prepared for them. Jimmy comments that it would have been better with real snow, leaving Beezy and Heloise confused as to what that is. Jimmy demonstrated by making a snowball from the ice in a freezer and throwing it at Lucius' new hat. Beezy and Heloise are sold on the idea of snow, leading the latter to create a new invention.

Heloise shows off the Snowberator 901, which blankets the city in snow. The machine is powered by Cerbee controlling it from the inside, making it move like him. Back at Misery Inc. Lucius is puzzled by this new phenomenon, unsure whether it is a good or bad thing for Miseryville. He ventures out into the frozen town and see's the potential Misery with snow, getting Samy in on his scheme.

Jimmy and his friends are all still playing in the snow, when Lucius stops by to compliment Heloise on her invention (disappointing her since she wanted him to be mad). While they were distracted, Samy replacing Cerbee as the pilot of the snow machine and makes even more snow. The Miseryvillian's are angered by the amount of snow in town, and blame Jimmy after a video of Lucius goads them into it. Beezy saves Jimmy from the angry crowd in his runaway tub-sled, crashing and missing Heloise's target once more. Heloise is fed up with Samy too and the trio come up with a way to end this frozen nightmare; a big musical number! Their performance draws Samy in who sings and dances with the spotlight, following it over Misery Inc. and inadvertently smashing it to bits, with Lucius inside.

With the snow gone, Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise go back to sledding down the side of the building in the tub. Samy is fixing the building while Lucius berates him for singing, then is squashed by the tub running over him.



  • Beezy: Eww! Is that dandruff?
    • Heloise: Yeah, I built a machine that makes dandruff! It's snow, ice brain!


  • Jimmy
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Lucius
  • Samy
  • Cerbee
  • Jez