Jimmy Two Shoes

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When Jimmy's two shoes are gone, he must find them.


Jimmy and Beezy are bored. Heloise enters with her special umbrella. Jimmy then cheers the rain up. The sun is back, the birds are back, and the citizens get out of their homes. Beezy feels like he can eat some tamales, then when he eats them he has become a mariachi. Jimmy loses his two favorite shoes. He then goes to the sewer. But there's nothing there. He finds the shoes in Lucius Heinous VII's lab, but there's nothing there. He finds the shoes in all kinds of places. Then he travels to France with his flying power. Jimmy finds the shoes, and they are there. He then goes back to Miseryville, and he finds his two shoes. When he puts them on, he says, "I'm a wonderful man".


  • This is the first episode that Jimmy is activating his flying power.
  • The citizens appear in this episode, but they have no lines. However they're cheering.
  • This is the first time Beezy eats Mexican food.



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